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About the Author - Suzanne Hosang

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Suzanne Hosang

Suzanne Hosang, an intuitive energy healer, discovered that her spirituality would become a natural part of her life as her mother exposed her to it at a very tender age. She can remember, as a child, taking oranges as offerings to Swami Sulahauj, where she learned mantras and transcendental meditation, or playing the piano for Guru Sri Chinmoy, as a dedication to the songs that he wrote.

      As a young adult, she would study the works of people like Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Earlyne Chaney and others. In 1986, together with her husband, she opened a very successful plant nursery in the Redlands of South Florida, currently shipping plants to 48 states in the U.S. and Canada. Working with plants has opened her up to the energies of the devic and elemental kingdoms, leading to the expansion of her knowledge by communicating with the Faerie Realm.

      In 1990, she met her friend, Lazaris, a non-physical being channeled by Jach Pursel, and shortly thereafter, Galexis, also a non-physical being, channeled by Ginger Chalford Metraux, Ph.D. That's when her spirituality began to exponentially grow and her life began to blossom.

      In the pursuit of her spiritual development, she has studied various forms of energy healings such as Espira, La Ho-Chi, and Reiki. She has also studied the Tarot and learned the metaphysical properties of working with crystals for healing. Some of her teachers have been Dr. Gregory Antyuhin, MD of Russia; Mary Safarty; Linda Dillon; Yumnah Zuel Aguba-El; and Kim Seer, whom she is currently studying with to attain her degree as a Medical Intuitive.

      She has her own practice where she has designed signature healings based on what she has learned from Lazaris and Galexis, coupled with the wealth of information she has gleaned on her fascinating journey of self-discovery.

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Suzanne Hosang Author and Healer