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Into the World of Crystals


Regardless of whatever was our inroad into the world of crystals, some of us feel that part of our destiny is to work with them. My unseen friend Lazaris, whose teachings is the foundation of my work, says that crystals are on the "dew line of consciousness," meaning that they are going to assist us in bringing in the New World which everybody in the New Age community knows is destined to be. That's why so many crystals that went to sleep after Atlantis was destroyed, are now waking up and reemerging, and finding their way back to their keepers. For that reason, Lazaris has done many workshops to teach people how to work with the crystals that are now resurfacing, in order to help them fulfill their destiny and their keeper's destiny. In Atlantis, crystals had a much different role than they do now. There, they functioned as these huge monoliths that powered cities. Nowadays, crystals also power our world, not as these huge monoliths, but rather as small silicon chips in our computers and our time pieces.
            For those of us who feel it is our destiny to work with crystals, we see them as friends, companions and co-workers. To us, they are tools of magic that we can co-create with to bring about a reality that we are trying to manifest. Just as some people work with power animals and plant spirit medicine, we might do that too, but we also work with the mineral kingdom as part of working with the frequencies of nature. Crystals can gather, hold, amplify and release energy.  Quartz crystals have this capacity to give and receive piezoelectric frequencies which can work in the etheric. Everybody has an etheric body which is part of the aura (the energy body that surrounds the physical body). And that is the part that interacts with crystals.
            Crystals have their own talents, so to speak. And since they don't talk in words, they show who they are by the material they are made of and the many different qualities they exhibit. They are consciousnesses, and like any sentient consciousness, you have to respect them. No one can ever own a crystal. They are consciousnesses that have housed themselves in a crystalline body, just as we are consciousnesses that have housed ourselves in a physical body. You can be the guardian or the keeper of a crystal who has its own acumen or specialty in the work that it does. You cannot order a crystal to work with you. You have to ask their permission, using pendulum or intuition, or your particular method of communicating with them. Crystals are not slaves to do your bidding and they will get out of your presence if you treat them that way. Of course they don't have feet to walk but they have their ways of leaving, even if by disappearing. Usually what they will do is shut down and not work, and the keeper will get disgusted and sell it or give it away.
            If you are fortunate enough to own or work with a sizeable crystal, you will see that they have lots of things going on in them. I liken it to being on the world-wide-web. So, for instance, if one went to (not a real website) there might be message plates in the crystal where you can ask questions or send messages. This would be like writing an e-mail which will go out into the ethers and your messages will be sent to the inboxes of the intended recipients, and responses to your questions will be returned to you by those who have the answers, which you will retrieve when you go back and open your mail. In another place on the crystal could be a portal to Other Worlds, or a hole through time/space. And isn't that what the web provides, entry into other worlds, and how cool is it that you don't have to get on a plane to travel? Over here on the crystal could be where you meet with your guides and do magic with them, much like the website where you can have meetings with others without even leaving your home. Down here could be a cauldron where you meet your healing team to do healings via Skype. There could be all sorts of opportunities in one crystal being.
            My main intent is not to focus on the physical or even the spiritual, mental, or emotional properties of crystals. There are many well qualified people like Melody who already do that. What I would like to do is to introduce you to some of these beautiful sentient beings that have come into my keeping, and to give you some ideas on how to work with crystals that Lazaris has taught us that is probably not out there in books.
            More than that, I want to give you an experiential experience. Maslow lists beauty (aesthetics) on his hierarchy of needs. Beauty truly is a need. As you look at these crystals, even if you are only attracted to them for their beauty, allow their sparkling energy to get inside of you and uplift you. You might even be pleasantly surprised as they stimulate some aspect of yourself, like your imagination, your ideas, or your sense of dreaming. Take it further and imagine going inside one of them. You might receive omens, messages and symbols. You might even feel some healing because the energy of the raw crystal in nature has the essence and the beauty if you will tune into them. Enjoy.

Mystic Mills Crystal
Merlin Crystal/Co-Creation Magic Crystal
Double Cauldron Crystal

            The smoky phantoms above and the thick swirling smoky veils around the brilliant bubbling cauldron in the base and then again in the midrange speak to the mystery of this crystal and to the magic that can emerge from that mystery. It is a Merlin Crystal with all Nature Spirits exalted—filled and lifted by joy—in this crystal's universe. There is a double cauldron meaning that this crystal holds the gifts of glamour and of the Muse. The phantoms speak to the power of will and also to the power of dreaming and visioning.
           Provenance: Waking in the 2nd civilization of Atlantis, the magician's familiar energy became evident immediately. It worked with Atlantean magicians, healers, teachers, and with crystal singers and crystal dancers. It is a great and loyal companion to its keepers. This crystal gathered and held the energies and forces of loyalty, honor, and virtue. It returns these qualities to its keeper. In this work, this crystal also was integrally involved in mills magic in Atlantis. This work became most clear during the 3rd civilization. Out of Atlantis, it was carried to Wales and then to Scotland where it worked with Druidic priests and with Faerie Kings and Queens (the Ancients of Faerie Realm). Often it worked in joint magical ventures between worlds and was involved in "teaching" about the magic upon the mills from the ancestry. It retreated from your world about 400 years ago and has been sleeping. Now it is awake and ready.
           This Mystic Mills crystal came into my keeping in a most magical way. I was at a Lazaris seminar many years ago browsing the tables when I came across this majestic stone. Browsing the tables is a very dangerous activity for as portrayed in folklore, mermaids will sing to mariners to enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to walk off a ship's deck, or to run their ship aground. In much the same way, these crystals will seduce you with their beauty and their energy, and before you know it, you will be walking off the ship's deck into Lala Land... and by the time you awaken from your drunken stupor; you, the crystal and Master Card are now in a cozy relationship. Well, I had decided that I was not going to get myself involved in a ménage-a-trois, so I said to the crystal, "Please, if you want to come into my keeping, find an elegant way to come to me without me having to take on debt." And I left it at that.
            Now, why is it that these seeming inert stones to some can have such a hold on us that we are willing to give up all sense of reasonableness? I guess that some would attribute it to fanaticism, or addiction, or obsession, but Lazaris says that certain crystals are destined to come into our lives for our keeping which we will work with for life. Others come for a little while and these temporary ones are those that need healing and revamping. They are wounded, and there will come a time when you release these crystals to another keeper for guardianship.
          So how do you determine which crystals you must guardian? In this case for me, it was the Counsel of Familiarity. I knew that we had worked together before, and what usually happens is that you will burst into tears when meeting this dear old friend again. It is as though you encounter a lost friend you didn't even know you had lost. With that said, you have to remember that they are not human, they are crystal. We are human and they are crystal. In the same way that we are consciousnesses that occupy a human body, they are consciousnesses that occupy a crystalline body. For example, you might have been a keeper of a crystal in Lemuria who packed that crystal with knowledge and dispersed it. A consciousness occupied that crystal body in Lemuria and that same consciousness may well be in that same body where the crystal has laid dormant for thousands of years. Or that consciousness may have left that crystal but unlike us when we leave, its body doesn't decay. That same consciousness may take on a new body, or it may go back and occupy the same body, or it may return to a totally different body form. In the crystal body is the consciousness, and you will know when you encounter it, if you have worked with it before.
            So I returned home after the seminar feeling like the Energizer Bunny from being recharged with my guides' and Lazaris' love, and the energy of all the crystals that were displayed in the room. A few days later, I went to my mail box and lo and behold there was a check waiting for me. It was from Michael's (my husband) wealthy aging aunt. She had decided that while she was alive, she would gift money to all her siblings and their immediate families and what a nice gift it was. My portion covered the cost of the crystal nearly to the penny. Talk about coincidence. Well, I prefer to call it magic because that's exactly what it is. When synchronicities line up like that, magic is afoot.
            I guess this crystal was determined to come into my life and where I was concerned, I had set the parameters for the way I was willing to receive it, and together, we found a way to line up events to create a win-win for us both. And even after all these years, this faithful friend waits patiently until I am ready to work with it. In the meantime, it graces me with its energies of loyalty, honor and virtue.

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Mystic Mills Crystal

Ancient One Sentinel / Merlin Crystal
Transmitter/Receiver/Modulator / Watcher of the Gates

If you could speak to crystals of a significant size, either by telepathy or channeling, you will find that they have a wealth of information. The mere fact that they are as old as dirt means they have a lot to tell. There is so much that could be said about this crystal. In fact, an article could be written about each one of the names in its title. It is also the very first large crystal that came into my keeping which I speak about in my book. And even though this crystal has so much to tell, I would like to talk about three of its specialties.
            First of all, it is a very powerful crystal. In fact, it nicknamed itself, "Tower of Power." I call it Mrs. Tower of Power because she imbues a grandmother energy. Whenever a new crystal comes into my keeping, I will take it to sit with Mrs. Tower of Power because she is the greeter of the house. She is the one that makes the introductions and she is also willing to wake up other crystals. So after I introduce them, Mrs. Tower of Power says, "Okay now, you need to wake up a little more, and you need to get ready for the magic Suzanne is going to do with you, and we are going to sit together and I am going to tell you about the crystals in the house; what they've done, and who they are, and what they are doing now."
            Secondly, she is also very willing to heal other crystals. The C-Axis in this crystal which is the vertical axis going from its base through the center of the crystal to the vertex is very, very alive.  Added to that, she is a modulator crystal. A modulator crystal is a crystal that holds its resonance very strongly which in this case makes it very able to heal other crystals. Many crystals in Atlantis were either misused or abused, so if you have one in your keeping, this is how you would work with it in conjunction with a modulator crystal. You first have to program your modulator crystal to work with damaged crystals to align them and clear out any negativity and disharmony within them at a very deep level. Once you do that, if you have a crystal that has been abused, you would put that crystal with your modulator crystal and you would cover them and ask it with pendulum how long it wants to be left covered, usually no more than three days. In this situation, Mrs. Tower of Power will align the abused crystal because of its very strong c-axis and because of the fact that its resonance will not budge. It will also wear away the memory of the abuse or the misuse because it is a smoky citrine crystal. Citrine will not hold negativity and a smoky will strip away resistances layer by layer. So this is an example of how you can heal other crystals.
            The third attribute that this crystal has is its penchant for working with weather by being able to pull the electromagnetic energy out of that situation. In my book, I talk about the fact that I had to learn how to work with weather if I was going to survive living in South Florida and owning a plant nursery. With a crystal such as this, you would do the following: Let's say for example, there is a hurricane forecast to hit a certain area. You've got your TV on, and what you would do is connect with where the hurricane warnings are, and you would fill it with your love and your desire to protect the people and their homes. Then you would begin to pull the electromagnetic energy out of the hurricane and flow it into the top of your head, and then let it come out of your temporal lobes and into the crystal, and the crystal will fill up with the energy. Then direct the electromagnetics to your other workings such as your grids and all the other crystals of your keeping because your crystals can handle it; however, that area where it is forecast to hit usually cannot because there are not enough people awake and conscious who are processing and re-funneling the energy and making magic or using their creativity. Sometimes this energy is the normal process of Mother Earth refolding her energy into herself to become something more but many other times, this energy gets out of balance because people will not process their own emotions so there is much too much electromagnetic energy in the environment. If enough people would learn how to process this energy (starting with themselves), we could mitigate and dismantle a lot of these storms which cause so much destruction and devastation.
            With all the violent weather patterns that we are experiencing these days, it only makes sense to learn how to work with the electromagnetic energy within our weather, for it seems that we as humans are compelled to live on the flood plains of the rivers, or the shores of the seas, or the plains that spawn tornadoes. And if not, we inhabit the valleys beside volcanoes, or the fault lines where earthquakes erupt, or on the slopes of hills where rain triggers mudslides. You would think that we would have learnt our lesson from all the destruction that has been wrought, but we keep going back for more. Some would say that it's either that we are stupid or that we think we are superior and we can do whatever we damn well please, but I would beg to differ. I say it's because of our insatiable yearning to connect to the very energy that could destroy us. What do you think we are trying to do when we dig a hole in our garden, or smell a flower or hug a tree? It is our attempt to merge with that intangible magic that is held inside the elemental realm of fire, water, air and earth; so much so, that we will put our very survival at risk even though we know it could harm us. So here's the moral of the story. If you find yourself in an untenable situation where you cannot run or you cannot hide, you better know how to dispel.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Magician's Companion
Clear Quartz Sphere

Look at the clouds in this crystal. It's like you can almost see dragons in the sky. It is filled with a lot of the energy of air and also the energy of water by the mere fact that there are so many clouds and you will see all these little bubbles inside. This is a magician's companion, a magician's working tool, a good portable crystal for working your magic. In so saying, what does it mean to be a magician's companion?  A magician's companion is as the name suggests, it functions as a companion. It played this role to magicians in Lemuria and Atlantis who were many times solitary as they would travel alone fulfilling their work. Probably at night, they would hold the crystal and talk to it and would sit with it and would tell it about something that happened to them, and the crystal would reflect back to them the deeper meaning below the surface of what they were thinking and feeling, so that they could get greater clarity, so that their wisdom could come forward, maybe so that they could remember the past lives that were connected to this situation that they recreated in the present life in order to learn something. So a magician's companion is a personal companion that you talk to with the intention of unearthing deeper wisdom, of releasing emotions, of letting thoughts and feelings flow out from you and putting them together in new ways.
            This crystal also worked with the faeries. In fact, in the past, a Faerie Queen has kept this crystal. Now, in the Faerie Realm, this crystal was used in alliance with the nature spirits, the sylphs, the undines and the gnomes. There is very little fire energy in this crystal; therefore, it hasn't been aligned to work with the salamanders, but the faeries in particular have a special alliance with the nature spirits much more than we do and they work their crystal magic with the spirits of nature.
            As such, I would like to give you an example of how you could work your magic with a crystal such as this. Think about something you want to create. Start by calling in the nature spirits of water, the undines. They have to do with flow, they have to do with movement, so if you wanted to make a movement magic-call in the undines and create flow by putting on some music like the music of the Water Spirit, and dance with the crystal as you program it to make your magic, maybe even taking it to the faucet and running water over it for a few minutes to call the spirits of water.
            You want to initiate something, so you light a candle to call in the salamanders, and you work with your crystal and maybe dance with it and you hold it to your heart and you think about your desire, then you hold it to your mind and you picture what it is that you want. Next, you call the winds and you see it coming on the winds, and you take a particular wind that is acting as a message plate for you and you put that particular desire or intention on the wind. Lastly, you call to the waters, and you see the tide coming in to bring to you what you want. And this is very much the way some of the Faerie magic was done.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Magician's Companion Crystal

Ancient One: Grandfather
Merlin Crystal/Magician's Companion
Transmuter/Transformer Crystal

This stately Ancient One: Grandfather has always served magicians as companion and friend. It offers its Counsel with specific emphasis upon the counsels of mattering and magic as well as the counsels of Destiny and voice. It offers many Gifts and the gifts of power manifest, power of belonging, and triumph are exalted. With its quiet dignity and stature, the Grace of the Ancients is stirring and profound.
            Notice the spiraling mist that lifts from its cauldron base to its rainbow peak. Place your desire, need or request in the cauldron. In the simmering brew of magic, the energies and forces can lift, transmuted into a more useful expression. Then they can lift again, transformed into a more valuable reflection. Finally, they can be released from the more real into the illusion. This Ancient One; Grandfather is also a Transmuter/Transformer Crystal. As well, it is a Merlin Crystal with all four Nature Spirits powerfully present. It would be excellent for all kinds of Mills Magic. 
            Provenance: It woke in the 1st civilization of Atlantis during the glory days of that time. It was unearthed by a Master Crystal Magician and it was immediately polished. This magician assumed that another was its keeper, but no one came and the crystal sat for more than a decade. One morning, the glint of sunlight interplaying with this Ancient One: Grandfather woke the magician. And in the burst of light, the Master Crystal Magician became this Ancient One's first keeper. Patiently it had waited and then "took matters into its own 'hands'." The two became fast friends once the magician allowed the indebtedness to be lifted (transmuted, transformed, and released). They became companions and this Ancient One and keeper worked all kinds of magic together. In time, this Ancient One "chose" its next keeper when the magician was ready to die. Into the darkening days, this Ancient One; Grandfather continued its journey from one magician to another. And the journey continued into the 2nd and final civilizations as well. Out of Atlantis, this Ancient One: Grandfather would awaken in Egypt where it served High Priests and High Priestesses in Temples of Isis in Alexandria and in lesser known communities. During these times, it was kept hidden from normal view, offering counsel to the various leaders who were destined to be its keeper. From Egypt, via the Faerie world, this Ancient one: Grandfather served Celtic magicians in France, Spain (Basque Country), and finally upon the British Isles before it entered its healing repose. Now awake and polished, it has found Lazaris in order to find its keeper once again.
            When I first laid eyes on this crystal, its striking beauty almost took my breath away. It was in this awesome reverie that I realized it was the Counsel of Mattering that would determine my guardianship of it. When something matters, it has value and significance to you. Mattering it not inherent in the thing, mattering comes from the relationship between you and it.
            Lazaris says that when you experience something in your life that matters to you, you will experience the states that I am about to describe: You hear the music of your Soul calling you to adventure. The Soul that weeps at the slightest act of injustice and inhumanity, yet celebrates at the slightest act of human kindness. You hear the call of your Higher Self to greater love and greater intimacy, or the call of Earth itself to live a more natural life, or the call of God/Goddess to come home.
          You sense a feeling of celebration, that there is something sacred here; something worth committing to, something worth commemorating, something to be honored. There is a feeling that calls you to maturity, to reach for something bigger than you, something grander than you, something more of you, and you seek justice. And with that comes the maturing of, and a sense of balance within self. There is a sense of feeling like a winner, willing to let go of the yes... buts, willing to let go of the exceptions, willing let go of the reasons why not, to make room for the exceptional in you. Yes... a crystal can spark all of that in you.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Ancient One Grandfather Crystal

Temple Protector Cluster
Protector of the Heart

This cluster stood at the entrance to High Healing Temples in Lemuria. Before a person would enter the Temple, they would spend time sitting with this cluster. It was larger then. The seeker would sit close and touch this crystal and look deep into the clouds and mists. This Gnome energy would assess and evaluate. While sitting so still and staring so deep, the Gnomes, together with the Undine, would swirl the mists revealing mysterious gateways into this crystalline world. The Salamander—tiny rainbows—would peak through the swirling mists inviting the seeker to open their heart and release what stood in the way of receiving the healing. Process complete, the person would then enter the High Temple of Healing. This Temple Protector cluster fulfilled its Destiny with this service so long ago in Lemuria. It would be gifted to Atlantis and it would awaken in the 1st civilization.
            The Atlantean Ancients recognized the power of this crystal's protection and understood that it was a protector of the heart—a protector of the "matters of the heart." Notice the clusters of mica building and growing and the cluster that seems like a budding flower. This is a powerful indicator that this crystal and its resonance facilitates the opening of the heart, the connection to heart, and the healing of matters of the heart that are physical, emotional, mental or esoteric. This includes healing for the "grief that will not end" and for broken alliances on any level.
            So it served in Atlantis. The Ancients of that land, adept in Atlantean magic and in the magic of their ancestry, shared this crystal with the Faerie Realm. Throughout that 1st civilization, it served human and faerie alike. At the conclusions of that culture, after serving in the glory days and in the darkest days, this consciousness went into deep sleep. It would not awaken again until more recently. Unearthed, it is ready.
            This Temple Protector Cluster found its way to Lazaris and then it found its way to me. It lends its energy as it sits in my healing room. If my client is so inclined, I will ask them to do my version of the ritual that was performed in Lemuria. I will instruct them to put their left hand on top of the flat ledge of the mountain and to place their right palm over the budding flower of the crystal's heart. In order to heal, one must be willing, so I tell them to mentally tell the crystal that they are willing to be healed, and in so doing, to express the malady they want to have healed. This sets their intention for a successful healing and the crystal does its magic.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang crystals of Suzanne Hosang crystals of Suzanne Hosang
Temple Protector
Shows the "budding flower" made of mica, close to the base
Shows that the crystal came from a much larger crystal

Clear Quartz Cluster

I use this cluster for clearing and charging other crystals. After working with a client by placing crystals on their body for healing, I will place these crystals on top of my cluster to be cleared and charged for the next client.

crystals of Suzanne Hosan


Crystal Skulls

            Not all skull consciousness crystals are cut into the shape of a skull, and not all crystals cut into the shape of a skull are skull consciousness crystals.  So how do you know? Well, you can ask it, or you buy it from a someone who you trust. The Shining Ones of Sirius introduced skull consciousness crystals to our earth in Lemuria. These crystals have a unique capacity to hold, gather and release information, and were used by the Lemurian Dreamers and Lemurian Witnesses as record keepers. A witness would carry a skull consciousness crystal with him to record an event such as the signing of the contract, or a wedding, for instance. If he had more than one event to attend at the same time, he would then leave another skull consciousness crystal at that location to be witness. After the event had taken place, he would gather them up and download the data by placing the crystal to his forehead and receive the information. We have replaced that technology with video cameras, cell phones, computers and a host of other equipment.
           Skull consciousness crystals are very "talkative" by nature. In my book, I describe one that came into my keeping named, Fred the Talking Head, also known as Mr. Yackity Yak. Fred is the resident comedian who cracks me up all the time.
           They are also very good at dispelling and draining off negative or errant energy. Lazaris says they are particularly helpful when dealing with anxiety. To use it for that purpose, you would hold the crystal with the intention of draining off that errant energy and you would imagine it doing just that, maybe by flushing out all that jangled energy from your head down and out through the soles of your feet. While you are doing that, feel the shifting and changing that is happening inside of you. Try it instead of two Tylenols and see if it works.

crystal skulls of Suzanne Hosang

Clear Skull Crystal

crystal skulls of Suzanne Hosang

Smoky Quartz Skull, "Fred the Talking Head" aka "Mr. Yackity Yak"


Quantum Quattro Silica Skull

            Quantum Quattro Silica is from Namibia, the only known source for this combination of minerals: Shattuckite (blue), crysacola (blue and green), dioptase (green) and malachite (green) in smoky quartz. The synergy of these minerals creates a very powerful stone.
           With a tremendous healing capacity, this stone can be used to balance chakras, harmonize masculine and feminine energies, restore strength, relieve stress and alleviate grief and trauma.
            This is also a powerful stone for working with and healing the energy of the earth. It can be used for all kinds of global magic and has a wonderful penchant for working with the alliance between faerie and human.
             I fell in love with this crystal because of its colors. Evidently it wants to work with the energy of Earth as it has accompanied me by sitting in medicine wheels or circles at various workshops with some form of Mother Earth or Gaia in its title.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Quantum Quattro Silica Skull Crystal


Rutilated Quartz

            Whenever you find rutile in a crystal, this signifies that the energy is amplified and moving very fast. Talk about a powerhouse in this crystal. I like to think of it as a one burner stove where I can put my magical workings such as magic papers, grids or other crystals for example to "heat up" my magic.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Smoky Citrine Quartz

            This rutilated smoky citrine quartz is just the right size to hold in the palm of your hand. You can lay it flat in the palm of one hand while placing the other palm on top and since citrine doesn't hold negativity, get in touch with any negative thoughts you might be feeling and imagine it being swiftly drained out of you.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Rutilated Quartz

Crystal Clusters

            Lazaris describes crystal clusters as bunches of crystals working together; therefore, can be very powerful for multiple programming. Each point can hold any number of programs and when these points come together to work as one... clusters can be a tremendously powerful generator crystal. One way to work with clusters is for working magic for a chain of events. Each feature of what you want can be programmed in the individual crystals within the cluster. Even though they are individual crystals, they function as one; thereby, bringing about the entirety of what you desire. Look at the chlorite (green color) in this clear quartz cluster. This signifies that this can be a very powerful crystal to use when you are trying to manifest something. This crystal would be very good at programming issues surrounding money or abundance.

crystals of Suzanne Hosang

Clear Cluster with Chlorite Crystals


Suzanne Hosang crystals

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Different Amethyst Clusters in Geode Form

Apophyllite Cluster

A Quote from Lazaris on Apophyllite:

Most often you see it as clusters. Apophyllite at first, looks like incredibly clear quartz, but it's not quartz. It is crystal; but it is not quartz. There are not as many sides. It has a c-axis, but a different a-axis configuration. When you look at some of the points on an apophyllite cluster, they seem lighter than light: they seem translucent; they seem as though they are liquid; they seem almost silver rather than clear. And then other points seem clearer than clear. They seem to be like reflective mirrors that are putting out much more light than they are gathering. And they are. You cannot hold an apophyllite cluster, genuinely, seriously, with any kind of focus and keep from smiling, keep from laughing, keep from feeling joy. They just fill you with light, fill you with laughter, they fill you with joy, they fill you with that effervescence, with that ebullience. They are incredibly powerful, enthusiastic, thrill filled crystals.

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Apophyllite Clusters


Celestite Geode Cluster

            Hear the "voice" within the watery blue of this crystal. To me it speaks to the Council of Mattering where I hear the music and the call of my Soul to come and adventure into the world of the nature spirits. When I look into its cavern, it creates a portal, a gateway into my heart to travel to the elemental realm, the place where my "magical child" resides. As with all children, there is an energy of purity, and a sense of innocence that invades their heart, and is there for anyone to uncover just by being around them. If you will step into the energy of your magical child, you will find that their classroom is not taught by school boards, but by the devas of the flowers, and of the trees, and the crystals that they speak to, and by the wind and the light and the water.
            If you want to know this realm, you have to give up your cynicism and go with the naiveté of a child. This brings to mind the movie, "Nessie," a film that would be dismissed by many as foolishness. Ted Danson plays the character of this washed up scientist who is sent to Scotland by his university to find proof that the Loch Ness monster exists. Of course, Danson's character wants to disprove it. When he gets there, he stays at an inn that is owned by a lonely mother and her little girl. He strikes up a nice friendship with them, and everyday, the little girl keeps talking about and drawing pictures of the Loch Ness monster and her baby which she is seeing; to the point where he starts to follow her to try and see if he can catch her going to where she is seeing this thing that she is talking about. Well, she always evades him, but one night she comes back telling him the greatest story about how the mom "Nessie" monster hugged her and is so gentle. And he says, "I can't stand this. I want to see it to believe it." And the little girl says, "But Professor Dempsey, you have to believe it to see it."
            When you can believe that this realm exists, you can engage it by simply sitting in your garden. The trick though is to step outside of time and space which can be done by day dreaming, and without any expectation; maybe, just maybe, your magical child might come up and tap you on the shoulder. And as you have this experience with your child, even though you will leave them behind and get back to whatever it is you are doing, you will have allowed the feeling of what the realm is about in the child to affect you, and you have affected the child. Thus, the continuation of this wondrous energy is assured because you have touched and so have they.

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Celestite Geode Cluster


Wall of Truth
Merlin Crystal

            Even though it is not a sphere, this crystal is like great balls of fire. Its top is clear quartz, and its bottom is elestial filled with red rutile like a million little salamander energies acting like little spark plugs. If you could imagine steel wool all alive with electricity, that is the energy of its base. So the fact that the top is clear quartz and not elestial at all, and the bottom is elestial, makes this a unique crystal. The base was once an elestial cluster and elestial is a really powerful tool for magicians. They can absorb negative energy and they can shield against the "free flowing" negativity that is out there within the consensus reality; therefore, it has this garbage collector quality where anything that is not helpful is going to be ground up and dispersed. Let's take something as mundane as losing weight. It's New Year's Eve and you are making your resolutions (the ones you never keep) to lose ten pounds. Well, you can put the ten extra pounds under this big old crystal and just leave it there, and by golly, keeping those ten extra pounds is going to get hard as this crystal works its magic. So you can put whatever you want to get rid of underneath this crystal.
            You can also work with the base as a wall of truth. Say you are having a relationship problem and you want some answers and clarity and truth surrounding this issue, what you can do is write it down on a piece of paper, and sit the paper under the crystal, and the crystal will wear away all the yammer, yammer, and all the superfluous garbagey stuff, and all that is going to be left is what you need to know, what is right and good and true, and what is going to take you to the greatest love. This crystal will be very happy to work in that capacity.
            It is also a Merlin Crystal. Quite a few of the crystals exhibited here are Merlin crystals, so I think this is an opportune time to describe the characteristics that make up a Merlin crystal according to Jach, the channel for Lazaris:

  1. It is most often a quartz crystal but it could be other than quartz.
  2. It has a good and clear representation of all four Nature Spirits—Sylph, Salamander, Undine and Gnome. And there is a strong representation of Undine energy and/or Gnome energy. Both of these Nature Spirits are elegantly linked to Cauldron magic and Pentagram-Cauldron magic.
  3. There is usually a well-defined gateway for out-of-body travel and exploration. Often this makes the crystal a "magician's familiar."
  4. The crystal has a strong tradition that begins in Lemuria or Atlantis and that tradition includes a link to Siriun Magic.
  5. The crystal also has a significant link to the Faerie Realm.

This crystal fits all the characteristics described above.

  1. It is a quartz crystal.
  2. It has a clear representation of the four nature spirits of fire, water, air and earth.
  3. It has three doorways or well-defined gateways, with a portal through the center where you can program different places that you would like to go for out-of-body travel and exploration. In the past, it has been used as a gateway to Sirius, so if you wanted to travel there, you could.
  4. It has two very unusual Sirian faces telling that it is aligned to Sirius. A Sirius face, also called an Isis Face is a face with five edges. I took pictures of the faces, but they are not that easily defined.
  5. This crystal has been awake in Modern Times, in China and Tibet. From Tibet it went into Faerie and there it went asleep until somebody found it and worked the Fee Faa (Faerie Magic) with it. How do I know that? Well, I had somebody qualified read the records of its experience. That would be found in the message plates or embedded in upward-pointed triangles on the faces and/or sides of the crystal if they have not been removed by polishing.

            Another thing that I would like to point out is the beautiful rainbow light that was captured in the back of this crystal by the camera. Isn't it gorgeous? All in all, this crystal has a tremendous ability to transform and transcend. At its base it can change form from negative to positive. With your intention you can transcend by projecting your thoughts into the crystal and like Alice in Wonderland, you go can through the looking glass to the Inner Worlds, the Outer Worlds or the Worlds of Other—there to work your magic.

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Wall of Truth Crystal — Entire Crystal

Suzanne Hosang crystals Suzanne Hosang crystals Suzanne Hosang crystals
Red Rutile in Elestial Base
2 Sirius Faces and Rainbow color in back of crystal
3 Doorways leading to Portal


Transmitter/Receiver Citrine Generator

            This beautiful generator is a perfect specimen for displaying some of the characteristics that I have been mentioning. Since crystals don't talk, they show who they are by the materials that they are made of, and by the characteristics and patterns that they display. By doing so, they are saying, "This is who I am." This crystal is saying the following:

  1. It is a classic generator which is a crystal that has six sides and whose point has six faces.
  2. It is a Transmitter-Receiver. This term refers to the pair of opposite faces on the top of the crystal, one with seven edges and the opposite one with three edges. You would transmit your questions, your dreams, your desires, etc, into the face with seven edges by placing it to your forehead (sixth chakra), and then your throat (fifth chakra), and then your heart (fifth chakra) and program the information into the crystal. A few days later, usually no more than three, you would receive your answers by placing the face with three edges to the same chakras. The answer could come through vertical knowings, intuitions or gestalts of awareness.
  3. This crystal also has two classic Sirius Faces, also called Isis Faces. This is a face with five edges. You can see them clearly flanking the Receiver face (triangle) in the picture.
  4. It also has a huge Message Plate in the center. This is the name for an inclusion inside a crystal that looks like plate or plane. It is sometimes silvery, looking like a piece of tin foil, or it could be cloudy or misty. This is a place where messages can be sent and received to/from Higher Self or Soul, for example. It is also a place where one can place programs, dreams or desires. This one is a Reflective Message Plate because it looks like a piece of tin foil and is very shiny, reflecting the light from around it. This message plate is also very crinkly. Often, message plates that are crinkly or have a chevron pattern are record keepers-crystals that are attuned for holding records of its experience.
  5. It is composed of citrine which means that it does not hold negativity.


Suzanne Hosang crystals
Transmitter/Receiver Citrine Generator
Transmitter Face
(seven edges)
Receiver Face (triangle) flanked by two Isis Faces (five edges)
Message plates in the center of crystal

Quartz Crystal Point with Phantoms

            If you ever wanted a crystal with an example of phantoms, this would be the one. A phantom is a structure within a crystal that has the formation of the outer shape of the crystal. Phantoms form during the crystal's growth when another substance enters the chamber and outlines the crystal's shape at that point. Then the crystal continues to grow including this form within it. When you see a phantom in a crystal, it represents a tremendous sense of will. By the looks of this crystal, will and determination is not measured by size.

Quartz Crystal point with Phantoms

Crystals of Fire, Water, Air and Earth

We as humans have the tendency to put whatever we don't understand into the category of myth or legend, but when you can recognize that so much of what is occurring in this dimension is not relegated only to the human, you can give yourself the opportunity to know of these other realms. If you can give it worth and value and your attention, you can recognize the manifestation of these realms. "And how do I do that?" you ask. You step into it. You go outdoors more. And regardless of how many manmade structures are there, you say, "I turn myself over to what is here in a way that I cannot see it, hear it and touch it as I live as a human being." You want to be able to make that declaration and that affirmation for yourself as you enter out into the world of what Mother Earth offers you, and then you will find, almost in a miraculous way, you are confronted with and you will experience the phenomena of the magical, of the mystical, within the elemental realm of fire, water, air and earth.

Suzanne Hosang crystals

Crystals Representing Fire, Water, Air and Earth


And so ends our journey into the World of Crystals. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Adieu.

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