dogs and cats
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Dogs and Cats

You all know about dogs and cats so I won't say anything about them except the following. I believe in reincarnation and I believe that just as we keep coming back with certain individuals, we do the same with our pets. When I first started keeping birds, I felt quite guilty about caging them as it is their grace to fly. However, I realize that animals choose who they want to be with, and as I said, it is not a one way street, we are also helping them to evolve. When my dog Trixie died, she revealed to me through a channeling, that she had chosen to come to me because this was going to be her last life as an animal and she knew that I could help her to evolve. I know she spent many hours with me listening to Lazaris.
            Other animals might be our "spirit animals" and they might choose to share a physical lifetime with us. Others might just cycle with us in this life time or different lifetimes. Since dogs and cats have such short lives, the same being can keep coming back to us in different bodies in our lifetime if they choose. 
            Dogs come to love us. They love us so much that they will take on our issues. So many times, dogs will take on our health problems upon themselves, meaning, physically manifest it in their body so that we don't have to experience it. That is how much they love us.

mitzie the dog


            My dog Mitzie is an extra special dog. She was a stray that had her puppies on the grounds of my plant nursery. Since there is so much open land in the Redlands, people make a habit of releasing their unwanted dogs in the fields. So many times, my heart would bleed as I would see these dogs running in packs through my nursery.
            So I fed Mitzie while she nursed her puppies and she was an excellent mother. When the puppies were old enough, luckily, the Humane Society adopted them and I got her spayed and I kept her. Through a channeling, she revealed to me that this was her first time on the planet and so far, she had experienced a very harsh and cruel life on the streets but knew that I could help her adjust to life on earth. Up until then, her experience with people was one where they shooed her and threw rocks at her.
            Her movements were like that of a wild animal and she would dart out of sight, and take refuge under a deck in my back yard. She would only come to me and she would hide in my bedroom whenever she was in the house. If anyone came into the room and cornered her, she would wet herself, that's how scared of people she was. It took years for her to be able to be in the presence of anyone, and even up to this day she still shies away from people. She is the most gentle and loving dog that I have come across.
            During her life, she developed a growth on her back which I had our vet remove. Shortly after, the growth came back but this time with a vengeance. It grew quickly to be the size of a grape fruit as if cut in half and placed on her back. After I had it removed for a second time, I consulted my guides to find out what was going on. They said that this was Mitzie's way of "encapsulating" people's bitterness. And, "those were her words, not ours," they said. So I had to have a stern talk with her to tell her that even though she was trying to help the planet, she was not required to do this. I guess she got the message because the growth has not returned. That's how big Mitzie's heart is.

Betty the dog


snowy the dog







             It is for that reason why so many people keep pets. People yearn for love and they feel their animals' unconditional devotion. Why do you think the pet market is a billion dollar industry? What do they say? A dog is man's best friend. Cats are a different story though. Even though they love us, they sure don't show it like dogs. If I had to choose, I would take a dog over a cat. However, I will never choose to be in a position where I have to choose. My animals add a dimension to my life that makes it worth-while. So, as we all say farewell, I hope you enjoyed meeting my clan.

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