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Energy Healing

Got Anger? Got Fear? Got Pain and Shame? The list goes on and on for all kinds of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ailments that we can get. Well, why in the world would we "create" or should I say, "allow" illness in our lives in the first place?
         Illness is a coded message about something you need to learn, something you need to deal with, or something you need to be aware of. The symptoms of illness is really our way of telling our self that something needs healing in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. It's like a red flag that we are trying to show our self, that something of our power, our beauty, our strength, our creativity, our authority, our love, our grace, our dignity; something beautiful of our self needs to be uncovered. Some jewel of our self that we have buried deep in the rubble of our pain wants to come forth to be claimed by us once more. So illness gives us an opportunity to clear out the clutter we've picked up along the way that stands between us and who we really are.
         However, people have used illness in other ways too, and that is, to get love and attention because they don't think that they can receive it on their own. Have you ever noticed that when you get sick, people pay attention to you, wait on you, and treat you nice? That is one of the ways that people get to manipulate people and things in their life. It's a counterfeit way to get love and attention, but it works, nonetheless. Or it gives them an excuse to get time off from school, or work, and the duties and obligations that they don't want to do. No one would ever admit to this, of course. Some might even get downright hostile if you should suggest such a thing. And it's not that people are inherently mean, or evil, or malevolent. It stems from a belief whether taught or otherwise, that they don't feel they are worthy enough to be loved for who they are, or for what they want to do. Beliefs about being unworthy, unlovable, undeserving etc., creates the environment to attract illness.
         Illness also has another purpose. It is a release and a relief of tension. A body is a nice place to tuck away unexpressed emotions so that you don't have to deal with them. There are so many places where you can do that. There are knees, and ankles, and toes. What about shoulders, and elbows, and fingers? Or better yet. There are nice juicy organs like stomachs, and livers, and colons, and kidneys. There's all kind of places where you can tuck unexpressed feelings of anger, hate, hurt, and even the unexpressed emotions of love and joy and happiness. Yes, love and joy and happiness can be just as damaging if unexpressed. Well, if you use your body as a trash receptacle, your body has got to discard it. Your body has to get rid of it. You see people for example, who have welled up anger from 30 years ago and are still holding on to it.  If they won't express it, a way that the body can get rid of the anger which by this time has become rotten and putrefied, is to ooze it out of them with an agonizing disease called cancer. Good solution for the body, but bad for you if you want to live a happy and healthy life.
         Now hear this. You don't have to do it that way. Illness blocks the function of good health. It blocks the aliveness, the enthusiasm, and the vitality with which you live your life. All healing is a product of a decision to get well. There is no course, no book, no person, or method that is ever going to heal you. YOU are the healer. There is no PERSON that can heal you—only you.  A healer can create the space for you to heal yourself, and can help you heal yourself, but it is YOU who will heal you. And anyone who claims to heal you is telling you a lie. It is your decision. You have to decide to get well. And then you will.
         Now, the good thing about it is that this decision can be made on ANY level. You can make it intellectually, emotionally, psychically, from your spiritual self, from your Soul, or from your Higher Consciousness. However, it stops there. God/Goddess/All That Is will not interfere and make the decision for you, but you can make the decision from your Higher Self down. So, if you are tired of being sick and tired, make the decision now to get well, and the universe will line up the events and circumstances to make it happen.

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Suzanne Hosang Author and Healer